Jaguars News · Congrats to Orchestra All-District and District Band

The following students were selected as members of the All-District Orchestra and are therefore eligible to audition for the State level.

  • Caitlin Grover
  • Caroline Rowson
  • Rylee Reece
  • Xavier Bowling
  • Carter Medina

The following students were awarded a position in our district band this past Saturday.  Students had to submit a video with all of their audition music in 1 take.  A very strange process for students used to doing things in person.

Honor Band and eligible to audition for the all state band:

  • Stella Genge, Clarinet
  • Landon Riggins, Alto Saxophone
  • Kennedy Hecker, Trumpet
  • Jacob Suchman, Trumpet
  • Conner Yamnitz, Trombone
  • Caroline Tieman, Trombone
  • Janae Scranton, Oboe-Alt

Honorable Mention-not able to audition for the all state band:

  • Jenna Scranton, Flute
  • Janae Scranton, Oboe
  • Riley Cook, Clarinet
  • Lauren Freeland, Clarinet