Jaguars News · BSSD Mask Update

Activity plans for compliance with Jackson County mask guidelines.


Masks must be worn by all students and coaches/teachers into workout areas.

Students can remove masks in the weight room to go through workouts. They will put masks back on as soon as workout ends.

Coaches will have to wear masks during the workout and communicate with students through a mask.

Students will also be allowed to remove masks during workouts in the gym, BUT NO close contact drills should occur until further notice (no one-on-one drills or five-on-five scrimmages, for example in BB or one-on-one wrestling). All drill work in the gym should be done while maintaining social distancing (no mask required)… if the drill doesn’t maintain social distancing, it should not be done until further notice.



No masks are required at this time as long as social distancing guidelines continue to be met.

All close contact scrimmaging and drill work should be discontinued at this time until further notice. 

Coaches can continue to do skill work in drills as long as no one-on-one contact or scrimmaging is involved.



All students, lifeguards, parents, and coaches must wear masks upon entering the pool facility.

When in the water swimming, students will not have to wear masks, nor will swim coaches and swim instructors (as long as they are in the water).

Once on deck, ALL must wear masks.