Concert Choir Choir · All District Choir!

This past weekend, the hard work of our amazing choir members paid off! We are so proud to have so many of our choir members make All District Choir, which is a huge honor. If you see these awesome singers, please congratulate them! There will be a choir concert tomorrow night in the PAC at 7. Come see how awesome they truly are!

Congratulations again to the following choir members and to Mr. Bean, our amazing choir director!


Betts Reese S
Jones Cameron S
Knust Vaysia S
Padget Madelyn S
Riley Jordan S
Tiller Megan S
Jackson Jadyn A
Karafin Jordan A
Low Lauren A
Miller Anna A
Morrison Isabelle A
Reed Margot A
Self Bailey A
Fournier Luke T
Haas Jordan T
Mahurin Garrett T
White Mitchell T
Lindskog Levi B
Schaefer Gavin B
Xiong Austin B

All-District Treble Choir

Lewis Macee A
Snider Brooke S
Williams Cordelia S

All-District Bass Choir

Leckbee Jared T
Eaton Joe B
Miller CJ B
Starr Caleb B
True’ Aidan B

S: Soprano

A: Alto

T: Tenor

B: Bass