Jaguars News · Construction Impact…please help each other!

TRAFFIC/PARKING changes at SOUTH began in June :   parking lot access will improve in July – but we need your help. PLEASE DO NOT PARK IN FRONT OF THE DUMPSTERS.  If you need to park at South (coming to work out, coming to camp, visiting an office) – you will need to park in Young Park similar to the school year.  However, if you are dropping your student off at South for the weight room or camp, please use the west side of the school (along Adams Dairy Parkway) and have them enter door D26 !  PLEASE DO NOT “SIT AND WAIT” NEXT TO THE SCHOOL, IF YOUR STUDENT IS NOT YET OUTSIDE, PLEASE DRIVE INTO YOUNG PARK TO WAIT OR CONTACT YOUR STUDENT.  The west side of the building needs to be free from any sitting traffic…it is a thru-way.  A bit more challenging but Jaguars adapt and overcome!!  Thank you for your patience and understanding….great stuff coming very soon!